Update – 11 October 2015

“It has been a good life.”

According to my new favourite Facebook feature, which allows me to go in and see what I posted on this date in the past, I wrote those words four years ago from a character who was settling themselves in to die.

This has me thinking about two things.

Firstly, it’s been four years since I wrote those words, and the novel is still not finished. To be fair to myself, I lost a massive amount of my motivation over this particular time period thanks to work, and just the way my life went. It’s only really been since leaving that particular job that I’ve found some of my heart for writing again, and been able to really get my passion and flow back for it.

It also makes me think, though, about letting go of characters. The things I was saying last week, about how characters really do tend to have a life of their own, also comes to play with their deaths as well.

This character, lying in their bed, aged and content, was almost easy to walk away from. Like in real life, it’s a lot easier to say goodbye to someone who has lived a long and happy life, than it is to say goodbye to someone taken well before his or her time.

This death contrasted with the first one I ever had to write. That one came upon me suddenly, honestly taking me by surprise. I still remember writing it, my fingers streaming across the keyboard, almost independently of the rest of my brain functions. I cried. I totally wept.

I think it’s one of the hardest things that we have to do, is kill off a character. Especially when it’s a major one. I don’t know how George R.R. Martin does it. I don’t think I could have written Game of Thrones. It would be torturous trying to write that stuff.

Speaking of, I’m finally getting into the book series of that. I’ve discovered that I prefer watching the TV show or movie before reading the book, if I can at all, because then I find that reading the book expands on what happened in the movie, rather than the movie being a disappointing shadow of what could have been.

That’s me for another week. Nothing major to report on the progress front – I managed a bit of work on Seven Peaks and a little on Prophecy Girl as well. Both are coming along pretty well now that I have started scheduling proper novel writing times.